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Why Do Gold Coast Mechanics Refer Nissan Navara’s To Us To Repair Their Timing Chains?

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The Big Problem – your timing chain is either rattling or it’s broken.

The Cause of the Problem - The weak single row primary timing chain wears excessively. This causes it to stretch and rattle against the guides and timing cover. Faulty timing chain tensioners are also a common problem and cause the chain to become loose which increases the wear rate.

Description – Sadly, the timing chains fitted to the Nissan Navara and pathfinder (with a 2.5L turbo diesel motor YD25) have a weak timing chain that wears very badly in everyday use. You will usually hear a rattle, scraping or a grinding noise. This noise may disappear soon after you start your engine but be warned, the problem is still there even if the noise is not.

This is where many people make their costly mistake.

The problem has not gone away because the noise disappears after you start your engine. Should you leave it until such a time that the timing chain breaks you will be staring down the barrel of an expensive $10,000 to $12,000 repair plus labour and here’s why.

Once the engine gets running, the oil pressure acting on the tensioners will take up most of the slack in the chain. This will often quieten the noise or remove it all together thus giving the impression the problem is no more however nothing could be further from the truth. The chain is physically worn and will break when the wear becomes severe enough.

Most affected vehicles are between 2006 and 2010 however some models outside of that range have been known to possess the very same problem.

How to Fix The Problem - After 100,000km the chains should be inspected by a mechanic with intricate knowledge of the Nissan Navara and Pathfinder timing chain problems, then again every 20,000km. This task will take approximately 2.5 - 3 hrs.

Should we find the timing chain, guides or tensioners to be worn or damaged we seek your permission to replace them, preferably with an upgraded double row timing chain kit. A cheaper option is to fit a standard replacement (single row chain) however this cheaper option may not be a permanent solution as it is still using a weak single row timing chain.

If this task is undertaken by a mechanic without the expertise and specific knowledge of the Nissan Navara’s or Pathfinder’s timing chain problem they can easily mistime the balance shaft, release tension on the scissor gear, mistime the camshafts, cause oil leaks, damage O-rings on the oil pump which can cause oil pressure problems and damage the motor, damage harmonic balancer when removing it or lose important locating pins in the timing cover. There are many parts that can be severely damaged should one not take the correct actions, thus causing a load more excessive damage. For these reasons we have had many mechanics on the Gold Coast recommend and send their clients vehicles to us.

Special tools and knowledge of Nissan Navara’s and Pathfinders is required to undertake the task of replacing the timing chain correctly to ensure no damage to your engine occurs. Less specialised mechanics have been known to charge up to $5,000 as they don’t have the specialist equipment and expertise to undertake this task quickly and confidently.

Here’s What We Will Do:
We will:

  • Replace both chains (with upgraded double row primary chain),
  • All the guides,
  • Both tensioners, (using top quality Nissan tensioners),
  • Replace the chain sprockets,
  • Replace engine oil and oil filter (using top quality Synthetic oil and genuine Nissan filter),
  • In almost every case we are able to start work on your Nissan Navara or Pathfinder in the morning and have it ready for you the following day.
  • FREE GIFT: In addition, we will give you a loan vehicle to use completely free for the day (valued at $67).

All work completed and back to you in 24 hours for a total of $2,680


Although not recommended however should you be on a super tight budget we can undertake the task with a standard single row chain for $1,980 but for an additional seven hundred dollars it’s a far better investment.

Only the best quality parts, oils and filter.


What if your Nissan Navara timing chain does break?

If your timing chain does break it can cause enough damage that it would be cheaper to replace the motor than fix it. Keep in mind that a second hand motor with low kms and warranty is around $6,000 to $7,000 plus the costs of fitting. Should this be the case you will still need to upgrade the old timing chains as well so you don’t find yourself in the same situation… Such a task has the potential to reach $10,000.

Save money, time and the overall hassle, call the Nissan Navara professionals that other mechanical repair workshops recommend today on (07) 5502 2894.

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