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Would You Invest $299 to Save Thousands?


Would You Invest $299 to Save Thousands?


You are driving along the highway, perhaps on your way to work or just a Sunday drive. On your dash, down in the corner is a tiny little gauge that says “Temp”. You dont notice but for the last 5 minutes it has been creeping higher and higher. Now your engine is so hot that the little needle is in the red, but like most people you dont look down until your car starts chugging and coughing... Its too late, your engine cuts out and you pull over to the side of the road.

Engine overheating is the most common cause of serious engine damage, wether your radiator is blocked, you have a coolant leak that you hadn't noticed or your electric fan has stopped working. Chances are, like most people you will not notice that there is a problem until it is too late. Some modern cars have an overheat warning chime or light but most cars rely on you checking the temp gauge every few minutes.

Trade Mechanical has a solution!

We can supply and fit an Engine Guardian EG3C digital temperature monitor and alarm.

With a fully programmable temperature display and OVERHEAT WARNING ALARM, this essential piece of gear will guarantee that you will know the very second your engine starts to overheat, giving you time to pull over and get the problem fixed before it costs you upto $10,000 to repair!

Special price when you mention our website of $299 installed and programmed.

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