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Will Your Navara or Pathfinder Send You Broke?


Will Your Navara or Pathfinder Send You Broke?


Do you own a D22 or D40 Nissan Navara or a R51 Pathfinder with a 2.5L Turbo Diesel? Have you heard stories about timing chains breaking and causing catastrophic engine damage?

Dont worry, you are not alone!

This is something we are seeing more and more at Trade Mechanical. The YD25DDTI motor was engineered with two timing chains, one from the crankshaft to the high pressure diesel pump (primary chain), and one from the pump to the camshafts (Secondary chain).

Unfortunately for Navara and Pathfinder owners, the primary chain is a weak single row chain and is prone to failure. History has shown these chains breaking at as low as 120,000km's. When the chain breaks, it upsets the engines valve timing and the result is a high speed collision between the pistons and the valves in your engine. This in most cases requires extensive engine repairs, including among other things new pistons, valves and cylinder head. Sometimes a rattle can be heard as the chain wears but most times there are no symptoms until the chain breaks.

As a precautionary measure we recommend having your YD25 timing chain inspected for wear after 100,000km's or preferable replaced with an upgraded double row duplex timing chain kit.

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